On Monday evening, a nine-year-old was allegedly bitten by a dog inside a lift in a residential society in Ghaziabad’s Raj Nagar Extension. CCTV footage of the incident is going viral on the internet, in which the dog can be seen accompanied by his owner. 

“My son was coming home from his tuition class in the neighbouring tower when a Beagle accompanied by an old woman bit him on his leg inside the lift. I was waiting on the ground floor when he came out crying and limping. After he told me what happened, I found the woman in the basement and confronted her. She refused to answer when I asked about her whereabouts. On being asked if the dog was vaccinated, she asked me to leave her alone. I later asked the guard for the CCTV footage and filed a complaint with the police”, the boy’s father said.

Following the incident, the Ghaziabad police registered a case against the dog’s owner

As per reports, Alok Dubey, Deputy Superintendent of Police and Circle Officer Sihani Gate, said that police have taken cognizance of the incident after a video went viral on social media, and a case has been registered.

If you are a pet parent, please be more responsible.