On the most adorable things to watch on the internet today, we have a young reporter from Kashmir stating facts to you. 

A video of a little girl from Kashmir has gone viral on social media for her coverage on Kashmir roads. 

In the undated video, the little one is talking about the bad condition of lanes and bylanes near her house. 

Wearing a pink jacket, holding a mic, she narrates the story really well. The girl, whose name as well as the place where she is reporting is not confirmed, complains how she cannot invite guests to her place because of the bad condition of the roads.

The video is interactive as she further directs her mom to show the potholes and garbage neighbours are dumping on the road, “sab gandha ho gaya hai (the neighbourhood has become dirty)”.

The video has garnered more than 180k views and 4k likes so far. She also reminds the audience to like, share, and subscribe to the video and promises to meet in the next video.

People are loving this young reporter and praise her confidence. They hope that her demands are fulfilled. 

We hope the demand of this young journalist is fulfilled, and we get to see that coverage too. 

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