They say, there are no shortcuts in life to become rich but, if you ask these people listed below, they might say otherwise. Why, you ask? 

Because these people became millionaires overnight in the most unexpected and unusual ways. 

1. Sanuniu Laizer, an artisanal miner in Tanzania unearthed a 6 kg gem worth $2 million in June 2020. 

Laizer found two of the largest rough tanzanite gems which is said to be one of the rarest on the planet. Each gem stone was about 30 cm long and 10 cm thick. He earned a whopping $3.4 million (₹25 crores) after he sold the gemstones to the country’s mining industry.

2. In July 2020, Anandilal Kushwaha, who owns a lease to a shallow mine, found a massive 10.69 carat diamond. 

The estimated value of the diamond was found to be worth ₹50 lakhs. This was the second time that he found a diamond in his mine. Even authorities stated that the quality of the diamond was good. The diamond was found in MP’s Panna district. (It’s the guy in the yellow mask in the picture.)

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3. Motilal Prajapati, a daily wage worker became rich overnight after finding a 42.59 carat diamond in MP’s Panna district in October 2020. 

He put the diamond up for auction and sold it for a whopping ₹2.5 crores in December last year. Officials said that the diamond that was mined is the second heaviest diamond in the history of Panna.

4. Harikrishnan V Nair, a Dubai-based businessman won a lottery worth $3.2 million in January 2018. 

Nair participated in the Big Ticket Lottery at Abu Dhabi International Airport and got lucky. Reportedly, he bought 3 lottery tickets and the third ticket got him the biggest-ever prize money in all of Abu Dhabi- a whopping ₹20 crores.

5. Shibu Paul and Linnet Joseph, a Malayali couple based in the UK won a Lamborghini worth ₹1.84 crore and cash prize of ₹18.94 lakh in July 2020.

Shibu randomly filled a lottery contest called ‘Best of the Best’ (BOTB), hoping to win his dream car and his prayers were finally answered. Later that day, the couple were greeted with a brand new Lamborghini worth £195,000 and a prize money of £20,000.

6. Krishna Barri, an Indian-origin man who lives in Florida, won $14.5 million (₹1.4 crores approx) in December 2018.

Barri was never a fan of buying lottery tickets but, the one time he did buy it, he hit the jackpot. After buying 10 tickets, he won $14.5 million at the Zephyrhills Publix Liquor Store in Tampa, Florida. Apparently, he spent his money to help kids in India.

7. N Gray, a woman from Jamaica won 180 million Jamaican dollars (₹1.5 crores approx) as part of the Super Lotto jackpot in May 2018.

And, guess what? She wore a winking emoji mask on her face to hide her identity while she went to collect the cash prize. Genius!

8. Vanessa Ward, an American woman won a lottery worth ₹1.5 crores in December 2018. 

Vanessa was out to buy cabbage from a grocery store and while she was at the food store, she decided to buy a Win a Spin scratch-off ticket without expecting much but, she was in for a surprise. When she got home, she discovered that she had won the game’s top prize: a live spin on the Big Wheel and the chance to win anywhere between $100,000 and $500,000. And she won big, she went home with $2,250,000, which is approximately ₹1.5 crores.

9. LeAndra Clay, a resident of Helena-West in Arkansas won a lottery worth ₹1.3 crores ($150,00) in March 2018. 

After losing her house in a fire in February 2018, Clay decided to purchase a lottery ticket just to try out her luck and it worked. She ended up winning ₹1.3 crores in a powerball draw.

10. Sam Lawton, a teenager from the US won a lottery worth ₹1.04 crores in August 2019. 

19-year-old Lawton had no plans of buying a lottery ticket but, after seeing a fellow winner on television, he decided to give it a try. Well, the rest is history. He won a whopping £1,20,000 with the first-ever lottery ticket he bought.

Luck by chance!