Your kitchen spoon has some ‘magical’ properties that you might not know of. While you are gulping down your meal with spoon, a man just used this utensil for ‘barbing’ his son’s hair. No kidding! You wonder how the f**k is that possible? You aren’t alone, we are equally surprised.

Source: Gfycat

The man recorded his son’s unique haircut session on camera and posted its video on social media. Whether it’s his extra-ordinary skills or ultra pro editing, he has definitely made everyone go WTAF.

The man, who goes by the username, ari_rover on Instagram, posted the clip on the platform in which his son can be seen sitting on the chair. The father soon joins him in the session as he shows the front and back of the kitchen spoon before trimming his hair. The man cuts his hair using the utensil like no big deal. He even gives him sharp edges on the side. The little boy enjoys the whole process.

“I cut my boy’s hair with a spoon. Since we are all doing magics on haircuts now,” the father wrote in the caption.

Watch the video here:

Here’s how netizens are reacting to this mindboggling video:

An Instagram user wrote, “What in the spoon man! Eating utensils should be left in the kitchen…” Someone tried to ‘figure it out’ saying, “his hair was already cut.” Another one called it, a “prison break sh*t”.


“Next level editing,” an Instagram user wrote. Someone also imagined that the man might be hiding a “blade behind the spoon”. Another one reacted to it saying, “never buying a razor to shave my legs again.”

Here are some more reactions:

The father also shared this video on Twitter. Here are some reactions of Twitter janta:

Okay…why my spoon doesn’t work like this? I could save a lot of money.