Racism is deeply-rooted in our lives. Be it in India or the West, it’s everywhere. The other day we were slamming that American woman, who racially-abused desis in the USafter her video went viral. But can we ignore the fact how many of us face it within our own country?

An incident of how one Manipuri woman was racially discriminated at a home-furnishing store in Hyderabad has caught our attention on Twitter. And it’s quite shameful.

The woman’s husband, who goes by the username, (@nit_set), shared her shopping experience on Twitter. He wrote:

Only my wife, from Manipur got frisked for goods she bought. No one else before us. 


Check the tweet here:

The Twitter user added that the supervisors of the store defended the racism treatment and said, “Call police if you want.” Here’s his second tweet:

Netizens are calling this behaviour a ‘shameful’ act. Let’s see their reactions:

Discrimination against people of the North-East is a sickening reality in India. It’s shocking that even a cross-cultural multinational corporation like @IKEAIndia purportedly does it. IKEA must apologize & make necessary amends immediately.


Singling out just one person because she looked different from you is clearly racism. This is very shameful behaviour. @IKEAIndia You must hold such employees accountable.


It has reminded me of Chak De! India‘s one of the iconic scenes when two North-eastern players were called guests during their registration in the Indian national women’s hockey team. “Apne hi desh mein mehmaan bankar koi khush kaise ho sakta hai!”