There are two things we need to find the source of because what a breakthrough it will be. These things are – the universe as we know it…and male entitlement.

The latter might be more difficult but someday, we will get there. Fingers crossed.

Men are functioning on a different plane altogether. You remember how Nolan showed an extra dimension in Interstellar? That is where I believe some of them live because they seem to have lost touch with ground reality. Like this guy who posted a matrimonial ad with details you would be amazed (scared, scarred)  to read.

The guy wants a “2A” woman, no idea what that means. He also wants someone who is 5’2-5’6 in height and has 32b-32c boobs, size 12-16 waist, and size 6-7 feet.

Length of eyelashes he missed there. Anyway, here are some reactions to the post.

Sometimes, I think to myself that people post these things for sadistic fun. They can’t actually expect all this. But then I say “men” out loud 3 times and all of it seems possible.