The wreckage of the Antonov AN-32 aircraft, that went missing in Arunachal Pradesh on 3rd June 2019, was located by the Indian Air Force yesterday (11th June 2019).

Here are the first visuals from the crash site.

Indian Express

IAF also confirmed that the wreckage was spotted 16 km North of Lipo in Arunachal Pradesh by its Mi-17 chopper, which was undertaking the search operation. 

According to reports there were 13 people onboard the plane, including 6 officers, 5 airmen and 2 non-combatants.


It went missing on 3rd June during a flight from Jorhat in Assam to the Mechuka Advanced Landing Ground in the Mechuka Valley in Arunachal Pradesh and since then the Indian Air Force had deployed all available sources to find the aircraft.

Earlier, it had also announced a cash prize of ₹5 lakh for anyone who could give credible information about the missing aircraft.

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According to IAF, efforts are now underway to gather information about the people onboard the flight.