Delhi’s ‘Baba Ka Dhaba’ had gained overnight popularity after a YouTuber had shared the plight of the old couple during the pandemic.

After the video went viral, people helped them from all across the country by creating more awareness, donating money, and even getting them listed on Zomato . 

It is because of this he was able to start his new restaurant, build a new floor, pay back all the money he owed to people, and even bought smartphones for his family. 

But reportedly, the new restaurant shut down in February and the baba along with his wife are back to his old dhaba.

As the pandemic is still ravaging the country, it has also taken a toll on the eatery business including the dhaba. Although the new restaurant started out with a bang but has now closed with a whimper. 

Revathi Krishnan/ThePrint

Where they were earning ₹3,500 before the lockdown now they are only able to make ₹1,000 while trying to sustain a family of 8. 

He says that it was wrong advice to start a restaurant and blames the social worker Tushant Adlakha for it. Whereas last year, he was blaming the YouTuber Guarav Wasan for cheating them. 

The Times Of India

He had also invested a whopping amount of ₹5 lakhs into the new restaurant but was only able to retrieve ₹36,000 out of it.

After tasting the days of glory where he employed 3 workers, he now struggles to make his ends meet.