Mumbai police are famous for their unique ways of spreading awareness through their quirky posts. No wonder they are savage and fun to be around ( only if you are not caught by them). This cop from Mumbai police is going viral. Here’s why.  

Amol Yashwant Kamble is going viral for his amazing dance videos. He is posted at Naigaon police headquarters. Kamble dances after his duty hours or on his days off. His talent came to light after he posted one of his dance videos on Instagram.


You can’t deny why he has become a sensation on social media today. Amol went viral for his video, where he dances on ‘Aya hain raja’ from the film Appu Raja.

Have a look at the video and know why people are loving it.

He told Times of India, “The dance was based on the theme of an on-duty policeman asking a two-wheeler rider to wear his mask properly, and later both of them show their dance moves.” 

Amol, who also danced with Hrithik Roshan, says dancing is his passion and he loves it. 

Netizens are loving and showering their love in the comment section. 

38-year-old Amol is a resident from Mahim and joined the Mumbai police force in 2004. He has been a performer since he was a child. 

“As a policeman, I have a responsibility to maintain law and order and to protect citizens first, but on my weekly offs, I dance with my children, my sister’s children and have fun,” he added. 

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