What if I told you, you could stay at a hotel and pay whatever you wanted, even if that’s Rs.0? You’d book your stay at the first opportunity, right? Well, do exactly that because, the Ibis hotel in Vikhroli, Mumbai is letting travelers stay in their hotel for free between 15th to 25th October. 

Ibis Mumbai

So, what’s the catch? There is no catch. 

All you have to do is book your stay at the hotel from their website for any day between 15th to 25th October and on your check out, you can pay whatever you want – this could be any amount starting from absolutely zero rupees to the actual tariff of the room which is approximately Rs. 4,000 per night. 

The idea behind this? They want you to enjoy your stay, review your experience at the newly launched hotel in Mumbai, and then decide for yourself what your stay in the hotel was worth on check out. And if you choose to pay nothing, you don’t have to. It’s that simple.  

Speaking about the offer, the General Manager, Ibis Mumbai Vikhroli, Anant Leekha says, “The idea is to encourage people to come and experience what we have to offer and see what we’re doing. If they like our services, they can pay, if they don’t like it, they don’t have to pay.” 

This stay of course, doesn’t include food and alcohol at their restaurant and/or bar. But, it still does cut down on a lot of travel expense given that, as travelers, we end up paying more for a room per night than we do for the food we eat while traveling. 

The hotel is themed around various elements of Mumbai – so the rooms come with picturesque flamingoes, or the Mumbai locals, the dabbawallas or the city’s skyline. You can choose a design of your preference and enjoy a stay that doesn’t burn a whole in any wallet. 

In addition, they have a huge bar that serves beer-on-tap sourced directly from Mumbai’s breweries. So you can enjoy a fresh beer and if you’re feeling good, you can pick up the guitar and unleash your inner rockstar. 

Here’s how you can avail of your free stay at the hotel: 

All you have to do is join their loyalty program from here. Once you’ve signed up, go to their website to book your stay. Be sure to make your bookings before the 25th of October to avail the offer. You can enjoy this for a period of one night and then, if you wish to extend it, you can book it for another night. On your check out, they’ll ask you how much you want to pay for your stay. You can choose to pay Rs.5, or Rs.500, or the entire amount of the room; it’s entirely your call. The most they’ll do is ask you to share your feedback of the stay so they can do better next time. 

So if you’re in Mumbai, or are planning a quick getaway to the city, this is your chance to do it without worrying about how much money you’ll have to spend on hotel bookings. 
I mean, why pass up any free opportunity to travel, ever?