After featuring Neeraj Chopra, Kapil Dev, Bappi Lahiri, among others Cred has always impressed us with the way they communicate.

This time it brings back 90s comic book characters Chacha Chaudhary, Suppandi & Sabu to promote financial responsibility and independence to the millennial age.

It starts with Chacha Chaudhary talking about Cred’s exclusive rewards and cashback. 

You further see how Chacha Chaudhary and Suppandi engage in an argument and talk about things like information overload, social networking sites, and poorly acknowledged ecological changes like global warming, dying wildlife, drowning cities, and more.

This animated film focuses on the company’s goal of promoting financial independence and literacy. As usual, they have done an exceptional job in conveying their message. 

It ends with Sabu finding a way for Chacha Chaudhary to solve his problem. 

The film is nearly three-minute and has been directed by Vivekananda Roy Ghatak of Rocket Science Animation. The writers of this film are Rachit Varma, Adhiraj Singh, and Sumit Kumar.  It has been created by Bakarmax, an Indian webcomic studio.

Watch the full video here.

All images are screenshots from the video.