A few days ago, I read an appeal on Twitter that stressed that the government is not going to help us in the fight against Covid, and hence, it is of utmost importance that we help each other.

And helping each other we are. From desperate calls to assist those in need to preparing meals to going beyond the call of duty – people are standing with the ones facing crisis and this unity may be the one good takeaway from this apocalyptic scenario we have found ourselves in. Here are instances of the same.

1. When a Gurudwara in Delhi decided to deliver free food to Covid patients who live away from home.

2. When mosque committees in Mumbai started providing free oxygen cylinders to covid patients to help healthcare workers.

3. When Delhi police came to the rescue of an 80-year-old and got him admitted to a hospital after an appeal from his daughter who couldn’t be there for him.

In a grim reminder of how serious the situation is, the said man had left a note outside his house, saying that his body should be handed over to the police, kin the event of his demise. Constable Rajuram then offered his help and stayed with the man, risking his own life, till all the procedures were done.

4. When the Delhi police helped a hospital by providing 20 oxygen cylinders. They had oxygen enough for only an hour at the time.

5. When Muslims cremated the bodies of 60 Hindus amidst the rising crisis.

6. When thousands of people came forward to help covid patients by providing meals to their doorsteps. You can access the list of 30, here.

7. When a civil contractor from Rajasthan broke his Ramdan fast to donate plasma for two women who had contracted the virus.

8. When two Gujarat doctors went above and beyond their call of duty to return to work just a few hours after creating their mothers.

9. When a man named Gaurav Rai decided to take it upon himself to provide and install oxygen cylinders at homes of people suffering from Covid-19. He has saved 950 lives at this point.

This unbelievable story is that of a man who himself was suffering from the disease last year and struggled to breathe. He couldn’t even find a bed, but somehow and luckily enough, survived.

From that point on, he has been providing oxygen to people free of cost, and has not taken a single day off.

10. When a social activist named Sharada Kerkar asked fellow Goans that she will go around and get ration for them, in case they are suffering from covid and can’t step out. 

Herald Goa

We salute these people for their generosity and courage.