Warning: This article contains some distressing visuals, reader discretion is advised.

American rapper Markelle Morrow, who performed by the name of Goonew, was shot dead in a park last month and while the police are investigating the matter, there is something else occupying the headlines. His funeral.

Morrow’s family and friends held his funeral in a nightclub in Washington DC and decided to send him away with a party. Except, they were not the only ones in attendance. Morrow’s corpse was too.

The rapper’s embalmed body, erected vertically, was kept on a platform as people close to him danced below. They wanted to feel as if he was looking at them.

The videos from the funeral are now flooding social media as people understandably struggle to make sense of this.

Meanwhile, the club, named Bliss has apologised for this event, adding that they had only been asked for permission to hold a funeral party and had no idea that a dead body would be brought in.

I have lost my appetite for at least 2 days.