India defeated New Zealand by eight wickets but Rohit Sharma forgetting what to choose after winning the toss was the highlight moment of the second ODI between the two countries in Raipur on Saturday.

The sensational goof-up moment got viral on social media in no time. Memes erupted on Twitter much before Rohit could recollect the team’s decision.

While the viral toss moment had us in splits, another video of Virat Kohli from a 2017 Interview On ‘Breakfast With Champions’ resurfaced online. Apparently, Kohli had already given us a heads up about Sharma’s bhoolne ki beemaari.

Virat Kohli on Rohit Sharma; viral toss moment cricket

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And so, it now doesn’t seem as surprising anymore. We already had some foresight.

Technically, Virat Kohli prophesied this viral moment for us.