I love my work. As a matter of fact, I live and breathe my startup. I don’t think of anything else. Truth is, I have no life. That’s why I keep advocating that no one else should have one either. You see, I am a true HUSTLER. I keep hustlin’ cos ain’t no money comin’ without that boastful chest-thumpin’ grind. Right?

Hustlin' work startup

WRONG. This hyper-assertive self-deprecatory motivation belongs to LinkedIn verse. It’s not for normal people with normal problems wanting a normal life. A happy one. And not one where an embarrassing encounter with Tanmay Bhatt becomes a proud LinkedIn post.

More often than not, startup founders tend to advocate an all-consuming obsession with work in the name of motivation (or hustling). While it may perfectly complement their la la land, it’s visibly unhealthy for the masses.

Recently, edtech startup Invact Metaversity founder Tanay Pratap tweeted a picture of himself at a salon. Apparently, he attended a work meeting while getting a haircut. And he turned it into a lesson on the commitment to work and a reminder of how startups are only for the brave and hyperactive.

To him, sleep is a physical necessity but a wasteful activity.

His tweets did not resonate with people. They called him out for promoting toxic work culture.


Keep grillin’ you guys! 24X7. 🙂