From a family confusing methi leaves with marijuana to food delivery executives dealing drugs during the lockdown, the last couple of months have given us some bizarre headlines on drugs.

In another such news, Bengaluru Police has arrested a man they claim was selling drugs to his customers in the name of prasad 

The drug peddler is identified as Vikram Khileri and is accused of smuggling brown sugar across Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. 

According to the police, he came to Bengaluru as a construction worker and has been a drug dealer for the past two years.  

The Sentinel Assam

Vikram used to courier the drug packages and sometimes use the Karnataka State Transport Corporation buses for transportation.

That’s not all, he’d declare the drug packages as prasad from Sai Baba’s temple for his friends. 

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However, someone gave the Bengaluru police a pretty credible lead on Khileri’s activities and the officials then laid a trap for him.

Deccan Herald

The cops planned an undercover operation and contacted him pretending to be customers and gave him a call to deliver the contraband.   

Fortunately, Vikram fell into the honey trap and the officials seized 90g of brown sugar from his possession, which he had stuffed in his helmet.


The police have also seized two mobile phones and some cash from the suspect.