In a bizarre case of confusion, Air India cancelled the flight of a man named Kunal Kamra living in Boston. 

The man, who was stuck at the airport for a long time, was confused for the controversial comedian who was banned by the airline for heckling TV anchor Arnab Goswami on an IndiGo flight. 

Times of India

The comedian’s namesake, who was travelling to meet his family in India, was disallowed entry after the default system cancelled his ticket due to his name. 

And netizens were trolling the airline and those responsible behind Kamra’s ban since the news went viral. 

Even Kunal (the comedian) tweeted about the incident. 

And there has been no stopping since then. 

Though the confusion was resolved and the man was allowed to board his flight, errors like these dent the country’s reputation. 

Not to mention the impact on Air India, which is already going downhill under the current government.