After the Indian Army rescued a trekker stuck in Kerela’s Malampuzha mountains, came another case of a daring rescue. This time it was the Indian Air Force‘s turn.


In Karnataka’s Nandi Hills, Indian Air Force along with Chikkaballapur Police, recently rescued a 19-year-old student, Nishank from Bramhagiri Rocks in the hills. 

Nishank had slipped and fallen 300 feet from a steep cliff onto a rocky ledge. Indian Air Force used a Mi17 helicopter for the rescue. The District Collector of the region had contacted Air Force Station Yelahanka via SOS for the rescue. PRO Defence said

A Mi17 helicopter was promptly launched and after an intense search and with the ground guidance of local police was able to locate the stranded and immobile victim. The terrain being treacherous for a landing, the Flight Gunner of the Mi17 was daringly lowered by winch next to the survivor. The flight gunner helped the survivor to harness and winched up safely.

-PRO Defence

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Nishank was attended by a medical assistant while being taken to Yelahanka. From there, he was taken to the nearest civil hospital. Take a look at the video.

Looks like Nishank was saved in the nick of time by our defence personnel. Not all heroes wear capes.