Billboard Ads are easily becoming my most favourite arm of marketing with the insane amount of creativity coming out every day. Just yesterday, a condom ad from Blinkit became a personal attack on every single out there.

Not just this, another billboard collaboration between Blinkit and Zomato went viral on social media yesterday. The billboards entailed a Bollywood-flavoured pun on an iconic dialogue from Maa Tujhhe Salaam.

Being true marketers, team Netflix just couldn’t resist the opportunity to capitalise on a potentially ‘perfect marketing moment.’ Netflix India tweeted the viral picture, including an additional billboard marketing their new series, Wednesday.

Twitter is thrilled to see this GOLD Marketing. Look at what people are saying.

Aren’t brand moments supremely entertaining?

People are coming up with new puns.

Ahh! The wound is fresh.

Next time you travel, try and spare a brief glance at billboards, if possible. Too much fun!