A recent incident from Nepal airport is doing rounds on social media for its surprising visuals. 

In the video, that is now viral on social media, a group of people from Nepal were seen pushing a small plane on the runway with all their might. 

While you may have seen people pushing vehicles or trucks. This is something rare to watch and has left netizens in splits. 

According to Nepal news, The incident took place at the Bajura Airport in Kolti, where a Tara Air plane was left stranded on the airstrip after a tyre burst. 

The entire incident caused delays in the airport as other planes were flying overhead and were unable to land. The 25-sec- clip has garnered more than 60k views so far.

The spokesperson of Tara air said the aircraft with registration number 9NAEV had landed at Bajura Airport from Simkot in Humla when the incident happened. With no facilities to drag the plane to the other side, passengers joined the efforts of the airport officials to move the plane from the taxiway so that flight operations could resume.

Once the aircraft was moved away from the runway, another plane was sent by the company with tyres and engineers. Soon the tyres were replaced and both aircraft landed in Nepalgunj.

We are glad there were no injuries.