Being the Prime Minister of India, PM Narendra Modi’s security is well looked after. From what he wears to where he stays, some of us are always intrigued to know about such things. But, did you know which phone he uses? And how does he manages to communicate? Well, we did some research, and here’s what we found.

If you must have noticed, PM always carries different phones. He is mostly seen using different models of iPhones.

As you see these images, you will notice how he always has a new phone.


However, as a global leader, he is not permitted to use smartphones due to security reasons. Furthermore, his phone is equipped with some special software. 

During his public appearances, the PM uses the phone only to take pictures. Of course, he has an entire special team to handle his social media accounts.


So how does he actually communicate?

The PM uses satellite or RAX (Restricted area exchange) phones which are specially designed for VIPs like him. 

For all other communication, it is routed through his Principal Secretary who owns an encrypted mobile phone specially manufactured by a Navratna PSU, Bharat Electronics Limited.

Daily hunt

These phones are untraceable and cannot be hacked as they function on the military frequency band. They are regularly monitored by agencies like NTRO and DEITY. 


The PM apparently makes calls using three layers of encrypted security using satellite numbers via office phone. Moreover, RSA-2048 bit encryption (that too three times ) is not a joke to be broken even by God within at least 7–8 years, provided a huge organisation of high-end computers does the processing.

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