If you’re a 90s kid, you probably have fond memories of friends calling on the landline or the rush you felt when you spoke to your school crush on the home phone. 

Being able to call people was an incredibly special thing, it wasn’t something we could do without a proper reason. And it was mostly rude to call at odd hours and intrude on people’s lives randomly. Which is why this Reddit post asking people what they miss about the pre-cell phone era is so interesting!

Many people have admitted that now, because of cell phones, there is definitely lesser regard for privacy and people’s boundaries. Which makes total sense, because yes, it’s not fair that you’re expected to be available all the time! Here, take a look at what other things people have said:

1. “People just accepting that if you didn’t answer the phone you were busy.”

– Pimpkin_Pie

2. “Less distracted drivers.”

– datoneyellowtoof

3. “People not feeling entitled to an immediate response.”

– Kemokiro

4. “No scrolling my life away…”

– h3ricopt4

5. “Conversations were all face to face or at the comfort of landlines at specific times. There was less of a feeling that I had to reply as fast or that if I missed a call, it would be a big deal. It meant we really had to remember things about the other person. There was just something that felt.. more close-knit.”

– Small-Palpitation-68

6. “People agreeing to meeting at a place and time, and being ON TIME because no contact. It was rude to be late.”

– ThrowRA-4545

7. “Cell phone-free schools. Seriously, the fights teachers have to have with kids over putting their phones away is insane. Even during movie days, kids would rather just look at their phones and it makes it so much more difficult. Kids having cell phones is just too much for most to handle – the ability to videotape people against their consent and it going public (so many kids take videos of their teachers to shit on them or make embarrassing content that they’ll regret in years to come), the ease of sending underage nudes and having your life ruined, the obsessive use of social media and interacting with peers, and just the general expectation of immediate gratification. I know way too many young girls who have tried to kill themselves due to having their nudes spread around school. I think a lot of people now struggle with being alone in a way they didn’t before. While I grew up, I had aim. And I think a lot of people feel bad if they can’t reach their friend immediately.”

– Kind-Set9376

8. “Boundaries. I don’t like how people feel entitled to reach you 24/7 now.”

– Electronic-Emu-773

9. “People being sensitive enough to not take pictures of tragedies(car accidents, etc)”

– Shings11

10. “You knew someone really liked you if they made you a playlist. Now, some random guy on tinder will have one made for you within five minutes.”

– Previous_Homework573

11. “I didn’t have a land line growing up etc… for me being in the moment not having to answer people because they can see you have seen their message. I lock my phone from 7 pm to 8 am, so only my children can ring me. My partner and I also turn off our work phones from 5 pm and turn them back on at 8am. I do not take any work home my bosses have tried, I said no home is home work is work. I have had the job where you have to be connected 24hrs a day, no thankyou never again.”

– meqrs

12. “Writing and passing folded notes.”

– brianna84w 

13. “Not worrying about getting your picture taken without consent.”


14. “Sneaking out of your home with a couple coins to call your crush from a phone booth.”

– schwarzmalerin

15. “Pure unadulterated boredom. Not scrolling and disassociation.”

– Ashamed-Ask-6035

It was a simpler time, that’s for sure.