If there is a competition on “the craziest thing you have done for your dog,” this story from Mumbai is getting the first prize. 

A woman from Mumbai made sure her dog travels in sheer luxury and booked an entire business class. 


Yeah, you heard that right, the woman booked an entire business class cabin on an Air India flight from Mumbai to Chennai for her dog, Bela, on September 15.

Indeed, Bela must have had the best trip of her life. The woman boarded the flight with her pet named ‘Bela’ and her servant. 

The woman must have spent more than Rs 2.5 lakh for the two-hour-long flight from Mumbai to Chennai. As the average business class cost for Mumbai-Chennai is around Rs 20,000.

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“Bela travelled in business class on Air India on Mumbai-Chennai flight AI671 on September 15, 2021. The passengers had booked all business class seats,” a Chennai Airport official told ANI.

However, many dogs have travelled in Air India business class before, but it is probably the first time that an entire business cabin was booked for a pet.


Air India scheduled its Airbus 321 aircraft, which has 12 business class seats, and the woman booked all of them. 

Air India allows a maximum of two pets for domestic sectors as per airline rules.

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