I remember my grandfather once telling me that I was privileged to have all the opportunities – good schooling, food, shelter, everything. But with this privilege comes more responsibility. And the least we can do is be kind to everyone.

A recent incident from Bhopal, where a woman was seen throwing fruits from a vendor’s cart, reminded me of how we have forgotten our responsibilities as a human being.


As per reports, this happened in Bhopal’s Ayodhya Nagar, a few days ago, but the video of the incident went viral on social media only now.

In the video, you can see a woman throwing one papaya after another on the road because the fruit vendor’s cart bumped against her car. Apparently, she is a Professor at a private university in Bhopal.

As the passersby asked her as to what happened, she kept on shouting and smacking the papayas on the road and even showed them the dent in her car. A few people also reminded the woman that she wasn’t wearing a mask but nothing stopped her.

From the woman destroying the fruits to nobody stopping her, netizens are pointing the insensitivity in the entire incident.

While we cannot hear the audio properly in the video, the woman’s actions are not justified. Can never be.