As they say, “things are easier said than done.” Being a preacher is pretty cool until you have to begin implementing stuff you say in your life. That’s where the hard part begins. People, online and offline, are bubbling with meaningless life advices to shower. Some of those truly make no sense at all. 

Redditors are on this mission to expose such baseless life advices that should just vanish from the face of the earth for good.

1. “‘Sleep when you’re dead.’ Cool, but you’re going to be dead a lot sooner.”


2. “‘Stick it out.’ Whether that’s shitty jobs, shitty relationships, shitty living situations…”


3. “‘Work while they sleep. Study while they party.” That’s not a recipe for success, that’s a recipe for a lot of white hairs, burnout syndrome and a stroke before your 40s…”


4. “‘Be yourself.’ Only works if you aren’t a shit person.”


5. “‘Do what you love and money will follow.’ I love walking my dogs and grilling food for my friends but that shit doesn’t pay the bills as well as my engineering degree!”


6. “‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.’ PTSD is a thing guys, as are crippling injuries.”


7. “‘If there’s a will, there’s a way.’ Nope. Sometimes you can do everything right, work your hardest and it still goes all wrong and doesn’t work out.”


8. “People have it so much worse than you so don’t be sad!”


9. “‘Be The Bigger Person.’ There comes a time when you just have to come down from Mount Olympus and drag a ****** straight into the depths of f**king Tartarus.


10. “I’ll explicitly add to this “real men don’t cry” and its corollary, “real men don’t show their emotions.” Just toxic.”


11. “GRINDSET: Wake up at 3am, INTENSE fitness workout, cold shower, eat an alpha breakfast, start working at 5am, this is how you UNF**K your life. Most of this stuff is bullshit.”


12. “‘Work hard, and you can be anything you want.’ Such a dirty fucking lie to tell kids. It’s just a setup so people can say, ‘If you don’t have the life you wanted, it’s obviously because you didn’t work hard enough, you lazy slack-ass.'”


13. “When people say you should save now to enjoy retirement later. Average life expectancy is 72. People retiring at 65 will have worked their whole lives to “enjoy” 7 years where they’ll be the least mobile, fit, and comfortable. And that’s assuming they even make it to then.”


14. “The customer is always right.”


15. “You need to be married or have your career at a certain age. This thinking causes you to make decisions you wouldn’t have wanted to make.”


16. “‘Boys don’t cry.’ ‘Girls should act lady-like.’ ‘Start each morning with a smile.’ There’s so much out there…”


17. “‘Stop stressing.’ Like thanks, that cured my anxiety…”


18. “‘It is what it is.’ True, but completely useless advice that only makes people feel invalidated and worse.”


What’s the most meaningless unsolicited piece of advice offered to you?