Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor recently tied the knot, much to the delight of their admirers. Then as soon as their wedding pictures were out, they were immensely swooned over by the masses. 

Recently the actors made their public appearances as they resumed their work schedules but one of them was required to show proof of marriage. Bizarre right? 

India Times

Apparently, Alia Bhatt chose to step out of her house without wearing sindoor, mangal sutra, or chooda and the Internet was ready to spew filth at her for ‘not looking married.’


Ranbir Kapoor was also spotted in public and there were no signs of him looking like a newlywed man too. Ironically, this time the fans didn’t seem quite bothered. 

Perhaps they were distracted by his post-marriage charm in PJs. 

Have a look at some of the reactions. 


This hypocrisy serves as a litmus test for sexism and misogyny. It clearly underscores the obsession of the masses with placing unreasonable demands on women. 

While they expect Alia to turn into a bahu Pinterest board after marriage, they have no problems with Ranbir casually walking around in his PJs.  

There’s no need for Ranbir or Alia to put signboards around their necks, constantly notifying people of their marriage. No material can add any intrinsic worth to anyone’s married life. 

Essentially, if someone chooses to look or dress in a certain way post-marriage, that is a choice as well. Nonetheless, that same individual cannot be held up as a model for others.


People and unsolicited opinions indeed make a better love story than Twilight. But it’s 2022, and we’ve all been through rough times. So now, more than ever, someone else’s choices shouldn’t even rank on our ‘things-to-care-about’ list.