For all the benefits of offices that the pro-work-from-office community has proudly claimed so far, not one has convinced me that commuting to work with strangers is better than working from the comforts of my house every day. And I’m especially referring to work that can easily be done from home. 


We’ve heard all about connecting with colleagues and teamwork, but the record suggests not to mix personal with professional. And yes, nobody thought that work-from-home could work when the pandemic started, but it did, and we liked it. 

And for some reason, it’s mostly bosses forcing unwilling employees to be inside the office premises for designated hours even if the work is completed much before time, because, BONDING. They’re just acting oblivious to employee concerns and are so fixated upon their idea of productivity that it’s annoying.


But now, employees are giving it back. Recently, a manager on Reddit shared how the employees offered mass resignation in response to their organization forcing them to work from the office.


On top of this, the manager went on to share something that is hypocrisy at its best.

To answer some of you: Yes upper management still gets to WFH. The hypocrites!  

Can you believe this? First, forcing employees to work from the office when they don’t want to. Second, calling them disloyal if they are leaving (because of you btw.) And then, you can work from home but not employees. Double standards much?

It’s not a surprise that Redditors bombarded this thread with their stories because this is so effing common.


Some bosses think productivity decreases in working-from-home even when their own statistics prove otherwise. Some think that employees are lazy at home. Well! Again, look at your stats and employee satisfaction. If people don’t want to come to office, what’s this obsession with wanting their physical presence so that you can control and monitor them?

And this is not the first time that employees are taking a stand against working from the office. Just last month, a Twitter user shared how resignations flooded his organization once the new manager mandated work-from-office.

The tweet went viral and spiraled into a discussion around remote working.

If you’re a boss and you’re confused about whether your employees should come to the office or not, just please do the bare minimum of asking them. That’d be all!

And please, get the hint.