Almost every family has a ‘black sheep,’ someone who is always doing things differently, pushing others to do the same, and is sometimes chided for it. Nothing, after all, kills a family gathering like someone espousing their progressive beliefs at the dinner table, right? At least in some Indian households, this is the case.

A Twitter user recently shared a story of a relative who was much ahead of his time and was shunned by everyone. 

In a long thread, the user described the person who was an evangelical atheist, thought marriage was nonsense, and pushed women to seek jobs and hold their spouses accountable.

After reading this Twitter thread, one of two things may happen: you may be reminded of someone, or you may realise you are the actual “black sheep” in your family. 

That’s how several people responded to the post, sharing stories about relatives or parents who were ahead of their time.

I am starting to realise I’ll be the aunt in my family that children will be warned about. Ah! I absolutely can not wait for the day.