Sometimes, it’s a common thing to read about a shocking incident on the internet, and it’s different, altogether, when you first-hand experience it. And, I went through this feeling quite recently.

It was a nice and relaxed weekend and hence, I, along with my sister, decided to go shopping. As we entered the mall, we went into one of the most iconic and renowned brands, H&M.

Credits: Brands Inside

To give some context, I wear plus-sized clothes for comfort and my sister, on the other hand, wears smaller sizes. 

The store was jam-packed as usual and we started looking for some t-shirts and joggers. After a while, we saw a piece, a comfortable green-hued jogger, that we both liked.

We both picked it up in our respective sizes and I told her that the jogger looks great for ₹1799. Then, she corrected me and said it’s for just ₹1499. I took a look at the brand tag, but it was the same. I looked over her tag and there was a price difference. 

At first we assumed that it was a printing mistake and skimmed through more articles but no, there was indeed a price difference, because of different sizes!

Honestly, I was experiencing this for the first time and was quite shocked. Nevertheless, we left the store soon after without shopping for the joggers.

Dear H&M, as a frequent shopper, I would like to question why are my clothes more expensive than someone with a smaller size. I believe that fashion never belonged to a certain kind of body size, type and shape, then why am I the one paying this ‘fat tax’?

Credits: Analytics India Magazine

It’s 2023 and its dishearting to see that we are still fighting for brands to be more inclusive of different body types.