There are certain places in India that make you feel like you are not living in India. And I’m not talking about those picturesque travel locations which make you feel like you are in Switzerland or Mount Rainier. I’m talking about those places that feel very dehumanising. Quite recently, a Twitter user summed that feeling up by equating that dystopian feeling to living in a high-rise residential complex in Noida.

Taking to Twitter, a user who goes by the name Matcha, revealed how living in a Noida high-rise society is like “living in a dystopian fever dream”. The user added how the security is “tighter than an airport”, basic amenities are far away, and even visiting a food truck is seen like a drive-through.

Take a look at the tweet here.

The user said that the kids playing in the park are “mostly the daughters of their full-time house help” who are tagged to each of these toddlers with a water bottle for the kid. The areas are inaccessible and the city isn’t walkable. He also added that “the nearest petrol pump is always 10 kilometres away.”

Talking about how people also treat food truck owners, the user how people just sit in their cars while the helper of the food truck comes with the menu first, then again to take your order, then again to serve the food, then again to take away the plate, then again to collect the money. And all of this always causes a roadblock.

Restaurant India

Now, it does not take a genius to understand how true all of this is. Every sentence in that thread is real and it goes on to show how high-rise societies have an air of privilege and a prevailing sense of entitlement. The worst part is that this tweet does not just show the class divide. These high-rise society residents form just a small population, then we have the upper middle class, then the middle class, and the lesser privileged families. It is insane.

The tweet got people talking. It has been viewed over 49K times and has fetched over 800 likes and many retweets and comments.

Here’s what people had to say.

It’s like an Indian rendition of Parasite and this tweet very accurately sums up the sub-class divide.

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