If you loved watching Netflix's Black Mirror  or are simply curious about the Metaverse, then you might want to meet Kyra. Kyra is India's first virtual influencer and she already has close to 100K followers on Instagram. 

She has been created by Himanshu Goel, business head at Top Social India. Himanshu is an engineer with an MBA, and he has been leading the project since its ideation which began in 2020. 

We focussed on it as an entire business. Eventually, Kyra will be independent and unrelated to an agency. Even now, the name of our brand isn’t part of her profile. 

                    - Himanshu Goel told Hindustan Times

Himanshu Goel
Source: Linkedin

Virtual influencer Kyra, who is 21 years old, seems to be popular and relevant in the fields of technology, lifestyle and fashion. 

And even though Goel and his team were initially concerned about how people would respond to her, she soon began receiving a lot of engagement and positive curiosity from people online. In fact, Kyra even took part in Metaverse's first ever fashion week recently!

Himanshu Goel's post about Kyra
Source: Linkedin

Himanshu Goel also spoke about how it was slightly difficult to create a CGI influencer who had Indian features, because most artists create American characters. 

We wanted to create someone who looks Indian and can also appeal to a broader audience. We looked at lots of features and went with what was popular among a wide variety of people. In CGI (computer-generated imagery), most artistes create American characters, so getting the Indian-ness was difficult.

                    - Himanshu Goel told Hindustan Times

Not to mention, it's great to see a virtual influencer donning ethnic wear and walking the streets of India. Now that's taking representation to whole other level!

Kyra's obviously winning hearts with her persona! We look forward to seeing more of her shoots and collaborations.