Every so often, life gives us moments that make us believe in the existence of good (as much as we unfortunately, end up believing in the bad). This long-lost sibling re-union is obviously one of the them. 

Recently, a Twitter user shared the story of Mumtaz Bibi and how she finally reconnected with her brothers who she parted ways with during the 1947 India partition. 

Twitter/ /manaman_chhina

Mumtaz Bibi was adopted by Muhammad Iqbal and his wife, Allah Rakhi after she was found with her dead mother who was killed by a violent mob. They were residents of Varika Tian in Sheikhupura district. And the couple never told her that she was adopted, until, Iqbal’s health began to deteriorate some years back. After which, Mumtaz Bibi and her son Shahbaz began searching for her biological family. 

After a lot of investigation, the two families connected through social media and finally decided to meet up. Mumtaz Bibi ended up meeting her long lost brothers Gurumeet Singh, Sardar Narendra Singh and Sardar Amrinder Singh who reached Gurdwara Darbar Sahib at Kartarpur, after 75 long years!

Here’s how people came forward to share their thoughts on the heartwarming moment. 

This is beyond beautiful!