While there’s a lot that’s already scary about schools, every school has a unique horror story attached to it. They’re either legends that are passed on through old students, or someone telling that they experienced something paranormal themselves. True, or not, they’re always very scary and creepy. 

And some Redditors shared some of the spookiest stories from their schools:

1. “I had CCA camp and then we were playing running man. There was a room that had rumors about it but we paid no attention to it. It was locked during that period.

When my friend was running past that room with her group, she heard piano noises coming from in there. It was playing the Pink Panther tune. It was the same song that a CCA mate always played on it. But when they knocked on the door it suddenly stopped. They called to make sure he wasn’t inside, and he wasn’t. No one even had access to it. Something was inside, playing the piano.”

2. “Someone took a group photo and saw something that wasn’t supposed to be there. We showed the teacher and the teacher immediately deleted it and sent the students home. Some people fell sick after the incident.”

3. “This was in primary school. Rumour was that a girl was found dead near a toilet. I was with my friends in that said toilet. Washing our hands, tying our hair, looking at the mirror and all that. Suddenly, we all saw a reflection of a girl in the mirror, who looked upset, like she was crying. She then briskly walked into the cubicle and shut the door. All my friends ran away and left me. Stupid me went to look under the door and there was no one. I ran out super fast. My friends said that she was floating not walking, which is why they ran. So we believed it was that girl who died near that toilet. The school is no longer there.”

4. “My school was an old school. The school auditorium was housed in a four storey building but we only ever went to the first two floors. Rumour has it, that the fourth floor had past principles’ portraits and someone had witnessed a portrait crying before. And one of the bathrooms on that level had a spigot that had blood flowing out. Sometimes people would hear piano sounds when there was no one there. The whole building just gave people a creepy feeling because of its age and all these stories. The school itself was some cemetery for WWII soldiers before.”

5. “My school didn’t, however, my primary school’s local church did.

Rumour had it that if you ran around the entire church 12 times as the clock rang at midnight, you’d see a window cleaner who fell from the clock tower and died.”

6. “Secondary school had shutters to seal off all floors, except for the first floor, which lowered in the evenings. One day we stayed late to discuss CCA stuff in the CCA room, and when I was standing at the canteen across from the toilets, the top floor toilet light turned on (sensor activated).”

7. “One day, some guy broke down and started sobbing in the middle of class. Teacher asked him what’s wrong. He said there was a funeral procession going on just outside the building. Based on his description, it seemed like the said funeral was one from the 70s, so he likely wasn’t lying.”

8. “I was working on silk screening and I was basically alone in the classroom and no one came in at all. Everything was fine until I had to wash the silkscreen template.

I left it there with the tap running so that I could clean up my table and let the water wash off all the paint.

Remember, no one else was in the classroom other than me.

When I went back to the tap, the water had stopped running. I initially thought that perhaps the water flow had stopped so I tried the tap but I couldn’t turn it both ways.

It was very tight.

Took me a lot of strength to turn the tap open again. I looked around and didn’t see anyone, mumbled an apology and quickly washed up and left.”

9. “Story goes, that a prep student was playing hide and seek with classmates after school. She decided to hide in the massive closet in her classroom, and her playmates had a hard time finding her and figured that maybe she already went home instead. After the weekend, a janitor was doing his rounds when he noticed a weird smell. Checking each classroom, he didn’t find anything odd until he came to the room where she hid.

Assuming that one of the kids forgot their lunchbox in the closet, he unlocked it and was shocked to see her dead body. Weird thing was – her hair had gone long and gray, her nails grew long too. Oh, and her skin was really wrinkled like an old lady’s.

After the incident, the nuns have decided to have the classroom walled up, never to be used again.”

10. “Back when my primary school was at a holding school, we had the rumors of paintings coming to life.”


I suddenly don’t miss school.