On a daily basis, we come across at least one trait that instantly makes us averse to people, especially when we're meeting them for the first time. You know what they say, first impression is the last impression. 

On this Reddit thread, users reveal some of the things that instantly makes them dislike people and we agree with a lot of these opinions. 


If politics or religion defines their entire identity.

                    - Riverjig

Dwight- The Office
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People who obviously don’t listen to you when you talk.

                    - Dcoonery

Listen to the words
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When someone treats people around them badly, especially servers, retail workers, etc.

                    - xKOROSIVEx

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People who justify their rudeness by saying they are 'just being honest'. Uhm, no Aunt Sally, there was no need to tell me that I look like I’ve gained weight.

                    - jayworden

That's plain rude
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Super extroverted people who can't accept introverts. Like, continuously asking what's wrong and insisting that something has to be wrong because I'm not all smiles and pep 100% of the time and need moments to recharge my social battery.

                    - SailoLee92

Introvert people Drake
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Taking credit for other peoples work or ideas, and not acknowledging their source.

                    - Duck_Kak

Yes it is a big deal- Kamala Harris
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Talking over other people. Someone could be five words into a sentence and they just have to say their bit faster and louder.

                    - Pants_McGinty

Barack Obama
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The type of person who give bullshit stories just to impress people.

                    - Hot-Cartoonist-6409

Joe Biden
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People who treat animals badly. I always pay attention to this, because it shows me what kind of person they are.

                    - MormolocxD

The Office-Kelly
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Posting videos on social media of them doing charity. Especially when they show homeless people's faces for the “likes”.

                    - parabolic_sheeit

social media
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Not to offend anyone but people that blame Zodiac sign for their actions. 'Oh, I am usually rude, you know me, I am an Aries.'  Or something like that.

                    - SmokedCypress28

The Bachelor
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People who always wants to compete. 'Last night, I had way to much chilli.' 'Oh that's nothing. I once downed a whole bottle of Tabasco sauce.'  Stuff like that.

                    - WillyWambam

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Someone who tries to make me the butt of the joke when we just met.

                    - atleastistoletheshow

That's awful
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Acting differently towards you in a group of people.

                    - Whydomelikethatbruh

Hell no
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When someone asks, 'Hey can I get some of that?', and before I can respond they stuff their whole hand into the bag or whatever I have, to grab the food.

                    - Pyrogothlin

Grabbing food
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When someone always wants to be the center of attention as soon as they enter a room.

                    - Anonymous

Love Island
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People who put others down to feel better about themselves. Also, women who think everyone wants to steal their man child boyfriend.

                    - pythonissaxo

Shut the F up
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People who claim they're funny when their humour involves saying something hurtful then going 'just a joke'.

                    - Razzle_Dazzle_989

It's not funny
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If they flaunt their money and brag about what they've bought and how much it costs.

                    - Fenrir_Wolfy

Rich man
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People who are late. It feels like they have no respect for you and your time. Obviously, it depends on the situation. 10-15 minutes late is usually not a problem. 30 minutes or more definitely is, especially when it’s going to make someone late for something else afterwards.

                    - macaronsforeveryone

You're late
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Religious people who talk to you as if you adhere to their faith.

                    - JksG_5

Ryan Reynolds eye roll
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When someone tries to guilt me into doing something.

                    - LordOfTardville

The Simpsons
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*Starts writing immediately to add new qualities to the list*.