It is a well-known truth that Indian parents love feeding others, specifically their children. You’ll always be met with that one standard response if you try to deny another bowl of rice or another roti, “Areh! Itne mein kya hoga?”

Another thing that our parents are oblivious to is the concept of dieting. And a Reddit user who is trying to convince their parents that they need to lose weight is unable to stop them from “over-feeding”. 

In fact, the parents actually get offended when the user refuses to eat all the meals they cooked. Doesn’t it sound rather familiar?

Many fellow users share this view and can completely relate to the post. Here’s how they responded. 

1. “I relate to this on SUCH a high level.”


2. “Haha, going through the same but with South Indian food.”


3. “I literally came from the gym and my mom made aloo parathas. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.”


4. “It’s called “food pushing.” It gives me fond memories of my parents.”


5. “I relate to you at a spiritual level.”


6. “My mom once took me to see a baba (religious magician? Idk) because I was eating less to lose weight, lol.”


7. “Because parents and grandparents grew up listening to horrific stories of famine and drought. That’s why I believe they are paranoid about food and getting FAT.”


8. “Thinking about it, I cannot leave a plate of food even if I am not hungry. I have to stuff it into my tummy. Just so there is no guilt.”


9. “I think the habit persists from when we were growing up. Younger children and even teens actually need a good, healthy diet. But parents probably don’t realise when their kids have grown up and don’t need to eat that much anymore.”


10. “Easy solution, give me all the pakoras and other goodies.”


11. “TBH, it’s probably just a bit of overprotectiveness.”


12. “Just say you have Ekadashi or you are having vrat. 🌝 ”           


13. “It is not specific to India. But doing this even after the child is an adult is very India-specific.”

Indian parents believe the more you eat, the healthier you are.