Sometimes we come across people who inspire us and have life stories that are worth telling the world. Maybe it’s their kindness or maybe it’s simply how they choose to live their life. 

Hence, we had to talk about this post shared by Nikita Iyer, a design director based in Bangalore, talking about auto driver Pataabi Raman. 

In her post she speaks of a ride that she shared with Mr. Pataabi Raman, who was kind enough to take her to the other end of town on a day she couldn’t find a cab for herself. Iyer was running late to work when Pataabi Raman asked her to hop in to his auto in impeccable English, ‘Please come in Ma’am, you can pay what you want,’ he said. 


What then ensued was a wonderful conversation between the two. Mr. Pataabi Raman told Nikita Iyer about how he has done an M.A and M.Ed, and taught English at Powai college for 20 years. 

He said that he looked for a job in Karnataka for some time, but each time was met with questions about his caste, and then no response from his interviewers. So, he moved to Mumbai and ultimately began working as an auto driver post his retirement.


He earns ₹700 – ₹1500 a day on the job and says it’s perfect for him and his girlfriend. aka his wife. He said, ‘She is my wife but I call her my girlfriend because you must always treat them as equal. The minute you say wife, husbands think she’s a slave who must serve you but she is in no way inferior to me, in fact she is superior to me sometimes.’

Here’s the entire post by Nikita Iyer. You can read everything else about Mr. Pataabi Raman and his life. 

While one can never take away from the challenges he faced, his attitude towards life is absolutely inspiring.