Some things about the world are just beyond comprehension. Like, certain social norms that operate the ways of the world on an unsaid mutual consensus. When you break these bizarre standards, you’re frowned upon and made to feel uncomfortable. Why are some things socially acceptable and some unacceptable? Who makes these rules, and why does everybody follow them? 

Redditors are discussing such random socially unacceptable norms that really should be admissible, and we are with them.

1. “Declining to be a part of someone’s wedding party.”


2. “Talking about your pay. I don’t actually see what’s wrong with it, it’ll help decrease the pay gaps and increase pay transparency.”


3. “Mental health off days basically. I know an organization which specifically wrote in their work contract that employees are not allowed to use their sick days for mental wellness purposes. I think we should get to decide when we are and aren’t well.”


4. “Not being available 24/7. With phones, everyone expects you to be there day and night. Even worse with work and work emails. Sometimes, I just let it die so I can get some relief.”


5. “Not opening my front door. If you knock, and I don’t know you, I am looking out my window first. And I may still not open my front door. I don’t care if a stranger at my door thinks it’s rude or how many people tell me it’s weird. Just because I have a door doesn’t mean I have to open it. Too many break ins/robberies. Not gonna happen. I’d rather be safe and considered a weird bitch.”


6. “Men showing emotion.”


7. “Educating kids on periods. I was shit scared when I got my first period in primary school, at the ripe age of 10, and didn’t know what to do since no one had told because it was ‘inappropriate.’ I’m very thankful for movies like Turning Red nowadays.”


8. “Saying NO. ‘Can you help me with XY?’ ‘No.’ Well, you aren’t free from consequences like they refuse you to help with something.”


9. “Women asking men out.”


10. “Breastfeeding in public. A mother is just trying to feed her child. You’re fucking weird if you find that sexual.”


11. “Refusing a public proposal. Also, in a lot of cases, not having or wanting children (especially if there’s no medical reason).”


12. “Being quiet.”


13. “Refusing to socialize without excuses to spend a quiet night home. Sometimes, I just want to be alone and rest for a day or two. It’s not personal, I just need to charge my batteries.”


14. “Drinking in the morning, if you got shit all else to do, why not?”


15. “Not having work for a while. If I have a bunch of money saved, why should I not just take 3 months of free time between jobs?”


16. “Enforcing boundaries with family and friends.”


17. “Curse words. People can get hurt/offended no matter what words are used…let me cuss, damn it!”


18. “Women with body hair (arm pits, legs, moustache, beard, toes).”


19. “Saying ‘fuck you’ to gender roles. If a guy wants to wear a dress there’s no harm in it.”


20. “Being braless in public.”


21. “Consensual poly relationships are kind of a taboo, and even as it isn’t my cup of tea, I see other people being happy with having more than one SO.”


22. “Sex education.”


23. “Women openly talking about sex and masturbating.”


What do you think shouldn’t be socially unacceptable but it is?