There’s so much discrimination in India that the real discrimination doesn’t feel unfair at times. From lifts to queues and parking spaces, we do not fail to separate humans based on their caste, class, religion and professions.

Recently an independent photojournalist going by the Twitter handle @Hrsha posted a picture of a notice outside a lift somewhere in Hyderabad.

Sure, there’s nothing unusual about the notice because we see it everywhere, every time. But there’s a lot of things problematic about it.

How are maids, drivers or delivery boys, any less human? And who gave us the right to fine them?

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They are coming to our flats/houses because we ordered food, or we need help with household chores. They are just doing their job that they do to earn a livelihood. Imagine you going to your office and there’s a banner outside the lift saying, “Employees not allowed”.

Ever since the picture was posted on Twitter, people have been reacting to it. While there are some ignorant souls who think this is the right and normal thing to do…

Whoever is saying that there’s a separate service lift, honestly, I have never seen that lift clean and well-kept.

… A few humans believe this discrimination is uncalled for.

It’s sad to see this kind of discriminatory behaviour meted out to our fellow human beings who are just making our lives easier.