There’s no doubt that we all love our parents and would be forever grateful for everything they have taught us. However, there are some things that we wish we were allowed but weren’t.

Although parenting is not an easy task, here are a few things that I would let my kids do, even though I wasn’t allowed to do them.

1. I will let my kids be properly educated about sex.

Sex is natural and proper education about it will definitely help you to make informed decisions about your sexuality and health. 


2. My kids will never be given any restrictions when it comes to what they want to wear.

No, donning pink-coloured clothes doesn’t make guys look feminine and wearing oversized clothes doesn’t make girls look manly.  


3. My kids would be free to explore and express their sexuality. 

Your sexual and gender identity is yours to pick.

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4. My kids would be free to choose their own friends. Even if they are of another gender.

Yes, a guy and a girl can be best friends. Remember Harry Potter and Hermione Granger? 

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5. I will allow my kids to be in a live-in relationship if they want to.

Don’t let society tell you how bad is it to be in a live-in relationship with your partner before tying the knot. 

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6. My kids will not be restricted to talk about different topics that are considered taboo. 

From periods to gender equality, it’s high time that we break free from such societal shackles and taboos. 

7. My kids would be free to make important career decisions according to their wishes. 

While making an important career decision, make the decision that you (and only you) feel is right.


8. My kids would marry the person they wish to spend their life with regardless of their gender, caste and religion. 

Find the right person for yourself because it’s you who has to spend your life with them.


9. My kids will be allowed to go for sleepovers and night outs. 

Nobody cares about ‘log kya kahenge’. 

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10. My kids would freely express their opinions without worrying about society. 

Even if that means you have to go against the society. You don’t have to hide your opinions down to match their mentality. 

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11. My kids would be free to get tattoos or piercings wherever they want. 

Go get that sleeve tattoo or eyebrow piercing you wanted. It doesn’t make you a rebel or a bad person.

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12. My kids will have their personal space. 

I am here for you and you don’t have to share every tiny detail about your life with me.

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13. My kids can date as many people as they like before finding the right one.

No, there’s no need to marry a stranger just because society thinks it’s the right age for you to get hitched. 


14. My kids would not be restricted from going on trips.

Go, travel and explore. There’s no need to wait for your spouse to take you on a perfect vacation. 


15. My kids would be free to talk to me about their relationships so they don’t have to ever go through anything alone.

You can talk to me about anything and at any time. I’ll be there for you, always. 

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Is there anything else that you would teach your kids?