Contrary to popular belief, not everything that happens in life has a deeper inherent meaning. Not everything happens for a reason. Some things in life happen for no reason at all, and we just need to make peace with them. 

Some people need to stop romanticizing every other thing and pretend to offer a romantic moral consolation around it. Redditors are talking about these very things that people need to stop idealizing, and we’re with them.


1. “Mental illness. Especially things like depression and PTSD. It’s not aesthetic, it’s not quirky. It’s not something that you get over in an instant and post a ‘deep’ meme about on Facebook. It’s debilitating, it sucks you out of your life. It literally brings people to harm themselves.”


2. “Working to the point of exhaustion. Working while sick.”


3. “Jealousy. People think it’s cute and wonderful that someone cares that much about you. It almost got me killed. A guy I was friends with couldn’t handle me not being his girlfriend so he threatened to kill me, walked through a restraining order, and totaled his car by my house in an attempt to get my attention away from my long time boyfriend. He then resorted to stalking me from afar.”


4. “War. It’s not glorious and cool. It’s freaking terrifying. Everybody thinks they’re gonna be on the winning side but that is not always the case.”


5. “Elaborate, expensive weddings that leave the new couple behind the financial 8-ball.”


6. “Adultery. It’s ugly. It destroys people’s lives.”


7. “The ‘Broken Soldier’ trope. Life of someone with PTSD and all the other bullshit is the opposite of sexy-shit sucks balls.”


8. “Being stupid. Reality TV has made being stupid aspirational, it grinds my gears hard.”


9. “Relationships that are abusive. Stalking your love interest/partner, constant drama, poor communication and misunderstandings, attempting to elicit jealousy, and obsessiveness are just a few examples. It isn’t romantic; rather, it is creepy.”


10. “Autism doesn’t make you a fucking genius. Don’t go around telling people ‘oh you must be so smart I’m so jealous.’ A lot of us struggle with tasks that other people can do ‘normally.’ For fear of  God’s sake, don’t romanticize being autistic.”


11. “Fictitious abusive relationships. 50 Shades of Grey or Harley Quinn & Joker are not relationships to romanticize.”


12. “Celebrities. At best, most are normal humans who can do their job well and are just trying to get work (they’re just like you and me!). At worst, they’re narcissistic assholes with messed up childhoods, horrible family structures, and a little formal education. But our culture romanticizes them and treats them like Gods because they’re pretty and play a role on the screen or TV that makes us believe they’re someone special. They’re not, stop treating them that way.”


13. “Being proud that you don’t read or are staying ignorant on purpose.”


14. “The grind. Human beings aren’t made for it, let’s stop pretending we enjoy living for our jobs.”


15. “Fame. Some people go really strange lengths to be recognized and they don’t always do it in a way that is safe or shows talent…the toilet licking Covid challenge comes to mind… It’s okay if the world doesn’t know who you are.”


16. “Suicide. So many movies and shows just make it out like they were this misunderstood person and everyone cries at their funeral and then life goes on in a couple of weeks.”


17. “Posting your child’s entire life online. Just stop. Stop with the constant baby photos and what not. You are literally signing your child up for a lifetime of bullying. God knows what social media will be like in years to come.”


18. “The past. Instead, make the future better.”


Just because movies romanticize every damn thing, it doesn’t mean that you have to do it too. People who’ve gone through some real disturbing experiences do not need to hear of your romantic notions on anything. Real-life is much, much scarier than how it’s projected in the movies. STOP GLAMORIZING EVERYTHING.