Having a healthy sex life is a lot about balancing the fun and curiosity with safety. That includes both physical and mental safety. The smallest of things can help a partner feel more comfortable and at ease while having sex. 

In fact, we found this great Reddit thread where people discussed unspoken rules for sex. So, in case you were in a bit of haze around what goes and what doesn’t when you’re with a special person, these pointers are definitely worth the read. 

1. Don’t start talking about your ex or your kids at any point in the proceedings.

– cruiserman_80 

2. Hygiene…. that is all.

– imperiects

3. Wash your EVERYTHING.

– Snooty_Goat

4. Not enough men wash their hands properly before trying to stick them inside places. It’s not just for the pandemic, people. if you want regular sex, wash your hands so you don’t give us infections!

– bettleheimderks

5. Give them a hug and kiss afterwards. It helps. 

– ShalidorsSecret

6. Remove all animals from the room. It’s weird AF to make eye contact with a cat mid sex…especially when they never look away.

– StorytimewithDave

7. Don’t get their name wrong.

– Princess_Snarkle

8. Mutual orgasm.

– AeliosZero

9. If you’re enjoying something, just enjoy it, and don’t ask them where they learned to do it.

– ArmyOfDog

10. Don’t laugh at voice cracks during moans. 

– KingK0a

11. Don’t be stingy with foreplay.

– GrumpyCatStevens

12. Use a condom during anal sex and throw it away when you want to switch.

– raghu_palash

13. Even when you are clean you’ll still have a natural body odor of some kind. Don’t talk about it.

– ShiftlessGuardian94

So much info!