Constantly trying to overcome the hurdles put by society and the law, justice often eludes Indian women, who, in many cases, fail to prove that they were assaulted because the evidence isn’t even recognised as evidence.

To add to that, our courts often have the unjust desire to rehabilitate guilty men and let them go without serving any kind of sentence. Here are 8 reasons why men should not be charged for assault, according to Indian lawmakers. 

1. Because they are an IIT student and hence, a “talent” and “state’s asset”.

2. Because they can simply marry the woman they violated and undo all the damage.

3. Because sometimes, the woman doesn’t “behave like a rape victim”.

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4. Because the woman they violated falls asleep after the act, which, of course, is “unbecoming of an Indian woman”.

5. Because if he is married to the woman, she is his property.

6. Because if there is no skin-to-skin contact, he is not a rapist.

7. Because the act of holding a 5-year-old girl’s hand and unzipping his pants does not amount to sexual assault.

8. Because rape automatically becomes the woman’s fault if she smokes, drinks, or has a casual sexual relationship, which makes her “promiscuous”.

Absolutely gutwrenching.