Imagine you have guests coming over dinner at your house and just ‘coz your rooms are getting painted, you decide to serve them food in the restroom. Wait, that’s disgusting AF. YUCK! Isn’t it?

Well, some Under-17 kabaddi players had to face similar situation in Uttar Pradesh’s Saharanpur district and a video of the incident is going viral.

The clip, which was originally shared by @sachingupta787, a journalist, shows the players serving rice and vegetables in their plates for themselves from the vessels kept on the floor in a toilet. The camera then pans to the right direction while focusing on urinals. The pooris are lying on a piece of paper.

Watch the video here:

Saharanpur Sports Officer Animesh Saxena has been suspended after the incident came into limelight.

Twitterati are obviously disgusted with the video. Check out their reactions.

According to a NDTV report, the clip was shot on 16th of September during an Under-17 state level kabaddi tournament for girls in Saharanpur.

The suspended officer has claimed that the food was kept in “changing room” (toilet) at the sports stadium ‘coz they had no space left anywhere amid the rain, the report added.

“Because it was raining, we made arrangements for food in the swimming pool area. The food was kept in the changing room next to the swimming pool. Some construction work is being done in the stadium and there was no other place to keep the food because of the rain” Animesh Saxena said.

The report also quoted Saharanpur’s District Magistrate, Akhilesh Singh’s take on this WTF incident:

“There were complaints of bad arrangements. The district sports officer has been suspended. I have ordered an enquiry and the concerned person will submit a report in three days. We will take appropriate action,” Singh said.

What a sad reality that we live in. Kuch toh izzat karlo sports players ki? Shameful!

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