Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in the article are those of the author.

Republican Donald Trump won the White House elections with a series of shocking wins in battleground states such as Florida and Ohio on Tuesday. He is now the next President of the United States of America. Yes, he’s Mr. President now.

As usual, a decision taken in a far away land has polarised Indians. While a lot of liberals have been surprised by Trump’s unprecedented (and let’s be honest, it was) victory, there have also been accusations of describing American population as ‘misogynist’ and ‘sexist’.

And let’s not mince our words here – the American elections have been a shitfest. From the allegations of rigging the elections to make Bernie lose against Hillary to become the nominee of the Democrats, to the multiple scandals of both Hillary and Trump; we’ve seen everything.

But have no doubt, Donald Trump’s victory is the biggest win for liberalism in general.


Liberalism is about opening a dialogue with those who have a different opinion, not shutting them out of a conversation.

It has become a dangerous trend to call for a ‘ban’ on those who dare to have an opinion that doesn’t align with your own. While the majority of people would want to think that this is a very ‘right-wing’ trait; it has become synonymous to the liberal movement now.

The process of solving an issue needs a valid conversation between the two sides. When one side dominates the media and tries giving a cold shoulder to the other, we have a problem. And the US Elections are a prime example of that. Most media outlets sided with Hillary and tried shutting down the voices that came out in support of Donald Trump. This caused the ‘silent majority’ to come out and make themselves heard.


The whole liberal movement was about voicing concerns about things that one might deem problematic, but the whole notion of prohibiting people from what they want to say (doesn’t matter how wrong it is) is against the core concept of liberalism. 

Liberalism was always about raising one’s voice against things that one might deem problematic. They’ve fought to raise their voices against injustice (or what they might assume to be injustice) and that’s how the liberals have been celebrated from a long time.

So many liberals just refused to come out of their tiny, comfortable bubble of calculated, arithmetical politics in an era of gross unpredictability. If they would have done so, then the popular acceptance of Trump would have made some objective sense to them.

But like every other movement, it would seem like liberalism has gotten out of hand now. Instead of it being a voice of reason, liberals started shunning out the voices that dare to differ from them. In this barrage of ‘hurtful’ words, they’ve consciously marginalised a huge set of people. Liberalism has always been about reasoning with others, but with the whole charade masquerading as ‘safe’ spaces, they’ve successfully done more harm than good. 


Trump’s victory is a symbol of the system imploding on its own when left to rot for too long.

If we are to look at the larger picture here, Hillary was a part of the system. Trump, in its truest sense, was an outsider who came forward and broke it from the inside. These elections are a huge red flag for the liberals who are now forced to take a step back and ponder over what went wrong. 

Liberals messed up and now is the time to come up with a plan that would help them rectify their past mistakes.


The only way to build something is by breaking it down. These elections are a prime example of that.

Hillary is the definition of our very problematic system. She had managed to build an all-inclusive group of capitalists who’d pretend to be liberals and you can’t do that unless you’re extremely diplomatic. One of our greatest thinkers of this generation, Slavoj Zizek, endorsed this idea in an interview.

Donald Trump was not a great person per se, but because the liberal movement went out of hand, he was elected as the most powerful person on Earth. The blame should be on their shoulders.


They’ve managed to marginalise a huge section of people. And now the entire world is paying the price for it.

Trump has basically destroyed the entire narrative about liberals being the new ‘in’ thing. He’s proven that even the most progressive people of the lot have been trying to forget their whole idea of what liberalism actually means, and have indulged in cultural marxism. Let this be a stepping stone from which we all learn a lesson.

This is not the time for an outcry, but a time for introspection.