Rahul Gandhi has been known by many names, the most common of them has been Pappu. The name has latched itself to the Congress VP ever since BJP leaders including PM Modi started using it during their 2014 Lok Sabha election campaign.


And while Gandhi has been trolled and ridiculed for his often committed mistakes, he has achieved something that no other politicians could ever do. Gandhi, recently revealed that he is a black belt in Aikido.

For the uninitiated, Aikido is a modern Japanese martial art form that deals with protecting yourself from sudden attacks while also caring for the attacker’s safety.

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Aikido comes from the ancient art of jujitsu but began to branch out in the 1920s, with the help of its developer, Morihei Ueshiba. The martial form essentially uses the attacker’s momentum to turn the tide. 

In short, if you ever decide to meet Gandhi in a dark alley, he will knock your weapons out along with your self-esteem, without actually throwing a punch.