Amid chaos and confusion over the exchange of demonetized currency on Friday, Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi visited an ATM to extend his support to the public.

Gandhi visited the State Bank of India in Delhi’s Parliament street and expressed his solidarity with the people.    

He first interacted with the people and clicked selfies with them. However, when he wasn’t allowed to stand in the line, he became furious.

A visibly agitated Gandhi told the media that he came to exchange Rs 4,000 and also to support the poor who are facing problems since the government announced its move to demonetise Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes.

When asked about what are his views about the initiative, Gandhi said neither media and its rich corporate bosses nor the Prime Minister will understand the pain of the people.  

Here is the video:

Some people later claimed that the Congress Vice President’s presence had caused the line to be broken and the bank was shut while the Congress party Vice President was ushered in to exchange his currency notes.