Let’s be honest, we have all done foolish things in love. I remember how I used to cook for my crush and used to feed him with my own hands – ugh, it still gives me icks when I think about it. I was cringy, but so was everyone else. 

Here are some of the most mindless things that people have done in the name of love that will make you scream, ‘THAT’S US’! Let’s check these out.

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1. “When I was 10, I wrote my crush’s name on a water tank.” -Ishan R

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2. “When was in the 6th standard, I used to write poetry for my crush. Those poems should be used in schools to teach what cring means”. -Ira S

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3. “I had quit eating non-vegetarian food for my girlfriend.” -Naman I

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4. “I made a bouquet with frangipani trees. I had cut the flowers from a tree, ribboned the bouquet up and got it delivered to his office.” -Harshita S

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5. “I finalized the names of my children in my head.” -Nidhi K

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6. “I made his sister my best friend to get him to talk to me.” -Shelley G

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7.  “I got us matching t-shirts with ‘he’s mine’ and ‘she’s mine’ text on it.” -Rahul A

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8. “When I was in the 8th standard, I travelled 500 kilometers to see my partner, without telling my parents. It was scary and cringe.” -Anonymous

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Guys, we have all been there and done that!