Someone who has sucked at mathematics since childhood knows how blessed you feel when you meet someone good at the subject. Isn’t it? I know I do. They truly impress you with their problem-solving and calculation skills, and you feel like, ‘yeh nahin hota toh mera kya hota?‘ Right? And someone who boasts of great math skills often feels proud, ‘coz why not? Math is not everyone’s cup of tea.


But do you know math can even get you a date? Yep, that has happened and we have proof. So, a man on dating app took a math challenge and ended up impressing the woman. Their conversation has gone viral on Twitter.

A Twitter user, @fahmad07, posted a screenshot of the hilarious conversation that took place between them. Going by the picture, the woman gave a math problem to the man. To which, he replied saying, “Yeh sahi nahi kia tum ne, the nerd inside me took it up as a challenge.” And he shared the photo of solving the problem on paper.

Irrespective of the fact whether his answer was correct or not, the man ended up impressing the girl. “…This really turned me on,” the woman responded. Looks like they went on a date later.

Here’s the conversation:

Twitterati are amazed with his efforts to try the equation:

A section of netizens pointed out how he sent the wrong answer, out of which, some of them appreciated his confidence.

Bad math but what a confidence! Full marks for the efforts, dude!