You know how they say that you always remember your ‘firsts?’ Your first date, the first time you kiss someone, and most importantly, the first time you tell someone that you love them. 

But before you do that, you need to know if you truly mean it and are ready for it because this is not something to take lightly. And, one way to figure this out is by asking yourself the right questions that’ll lead you to an answer. 

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1. Am I saying it because I’m afraid of being alone?

Before you confess your love to your partner, figure out if you’re saying it out of fear of being alone or whether you actually love them. When you are clear on this, you will be in a better position to make a call about yourself and the relationship. 

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2. What are my expectations from this relationship?

It’d be wise to make a list of expectations you have from the relationship and the person because you get more clarity when you list down things. You will also be able to take a call whether your expectations are fair and if they would be reciprocated by your partner. 

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3. Do I accept my partner fully? 

To know if you love your partner unconditionally, question yourself if you accept your partner as is. Is there anything you want to change about them? Do you want to change them for your convenience or because you want them to be their best version? Do you see yourself in acceptance of all their good, bad, and ugly bits? 

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4. Am I over my past relationship, if any?

If there’s one thing that’s a big deal breaker then it’s committing to another person even before you are over your past relationship. So, before blurting it out to your present partner, sit down and think if you’re fully over your ex and don’t carry foward any traces of your last relationship. In case you do, resolve those feelings and then move forward as it would not be fair to your partner to be with a person who still has feelings for someone else.

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5. Am I ready to take this to the next level?  

Saying ‘I love you’ to your partner is not just one isolated event. When you confess your love to someone, you also declare it to them that you are ready to take things forward to the next level. So before you even tell them how much you love them, make sure you are ready for what follows next. 

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6. Will I be okay if they don’t feel the same way?

Just because you have feelings for someone doesn’t mean they’ll have them too. You need to prepare yourself for this possibility as well. Keep in mind that it’s okay for things to not work out the way you thought they would. There might be other things in store for you. 

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7. Do I have chemistry with the person? Are we even compatible?

Chemistry is not just limited to spending time with them. You need to see if your thoughts and opinions match. Is there anything that both of you just don’t agree on? If yes, how do you tackle the disagreement? 

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8. Is my partner a good friend to begin with?

A sign of a good partner is when they are your friends first. Ask yourself if you can be honest with them, if they’ll always have your back or if they even understand you. And, while you’re at it, ask yourself if you are a friend to them too because a relationship isn’t a one-way street. 

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9. Does the person respect me?

There is no love where there’s no respect. Before you actually tell them about your feelings, think over this question. Do you and your partner share a relationship full of love and respect? If not, then you need to rethink your stand and step back. 


10. Do we bring out the best in each other? 

A relationship is where two people help each other grow. Do you see a good change in yourself? Are you happy with how your partner and the relationship is growing? If your answer for all these questions is a big yes, then it might just be the right time to tell them how you feel. 

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It’s always special to tell someone you love them but it becomes all the more meaningful when you do it with the right intent and whole-heartedly.