Whenever someone mentions the phrase sex toys, most of us straightaway think of the run-of-the-mill vibrators and dildos. However, if you are someone who loves adventures and new things, this article is absolutely for you.


If you are looking to add spice to your vanilla sex life or just want to shower extra love on yourself, then following are the some of the weirdest weapons you can pick for a venturesome night.


1. Orgasmatron 3000 Washing Machine

Wrapped in sexy leather along with a saddle for those wanting a quick ride, Orgasmatron 3000 is a superb washing machine made for people who like to multi-task. Bring the fun back to housework and choose from settings that range from oh! to oooooooh! 

Who says housework can’t be fun, eh? 😉 

Dominic Wilcox

2. Womanizer 2 Go Massager

Although this baby looks like an innocent lipstick, you surely won’t find anything like Womanizer 2 Go Massager at any makeup counter. This cute little device uses air to replicate the sensation of blowing and sucking on your clit. Thanks to its intelligent disguise, no one will ever know what’s really hiding in your bag.

You wouldn’t want to share this lippie now, would you? 😉 


3. The Gaga Vibrator

Initially, when this particular product was introduced in the market, everyone across the internet had a similar ‘WTF’ reaction. The Gaga Vibrator comes with a camera on one end which helps you to get an up-close and personal view of your vagina. It also has a ‘live streaming’ feature, in case you are in a long-distance relationship.

Now, that’s a right concoction of weirdness and fun! 😉 

Metro UK

4. Dildo Sex Ball

Remember those big, bouncy balls we used to see in gyms? Well, how would you like a sex toy made up of a similar ball along with a dildo? You heard right. A dildo sex ball might sound super strange but it’s also a super fun sex toy that you will come across.

Add some spice to your vanilla masturbation sessions! 😉 

5. Silicone Penis Cage & Ring Set

Boasting satisfying sensations for both, the receiver and wearer, penis cage and ring maintain firm erections and increase the pleasure with its incredible super-stretchy nature. It looks a bit scary, but we all are adventure-seekers, aren’t we?

Could it be more adventurous?  


6. Doll-Hand Nipple Clamps

One of the strangest bondage toys around, nipple clamps are super tight and painful. Made in the shape of baby doll hands, these are highly recommended if you want to add a little creepiness to your pleasure.

If you know what we mean! 😉 


7. Rimba Electro Powerbox Stimulator Set

Surely not for the faint-hearted people, this electro powerbox generates a number of amusing sensations by delivering electrical impulses through the skin. Hence, if you are someone who loves the power shocks, it’s high time to add this set to your goodie drawer.

Quite shocking, literally!  


8. Crave Razor Sensation Tool

Razor sensation tool might look like something straight out of our nightmares, but tantalizing and teasing is its sole purpose. So, if you are someone who enjoys a little tease, this invention is for you.

Stop with the tease, will you? 😉 


9. Sqweel Go

If you are someone who enjoys oral sex, then this one is definitely for you. Made up of 10 little tongues, Sqweel Go recreates the oral sensation from the nipples to the clitoris to the anus and every place in between. Bonus, it’s a small product and can be taken anywhere. 



10. Sex Double Penetrator Vibrator

Needless to say, the double penetrator vibrator features two shafts for double pleasure. You can insert one shaft in your vagina and put the other shaft in the backdoor for stimulation. From low to high, you can also adjust the vibration in each shaft and the product is also waterproof, which simply means that you can double your pleasure in the shower!


Pleasure comes in all shapes and sizes, don’t they? 😉

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